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Naturopathic Medicine is an alternative and addition to modern medical treatment. This medicine derives from nature and taps into the body's natural ability to heal itself. Naturopathic doctors strive to treat the whole person, and find the root cause for dis-ease rather than treating or suppressing symptoms to help you feel better. By getting to and unwrapping the true source of what is making you sick, my goal is to facilitate you on your journey to health and walk with you towards wellness.


These are tenants to Naturopathic Medicine that I employ during our time together. By looking at your situation through these lenses, it gives me a better idea of what to recommend and how to best facilitate your healing journey.


First Do No Harm

As part of the Hippocratic Oath all medical providers take and practice by, my first job is to make sure that anything I suggest does you more good than bad. My goal is to help you feel better, but the healing journey can be an arduous one. We will work together on creating a safe environment in which you can heal.


Healing Power of Nature

This is what sets naturopathic doctors apart from almost every other profession. We believe that your body has an innate power to heal itself, so part of my job is letting your body do what it does best and supporting it on the way.


Treat the Cause

One of the most important things I can do to help you is to really dig down to the root of what is going on for you. Too often, many of us are given something to mask a symptom. My goal is to find the reason why you are having the symptom in the first place.


Treat the Whole

Similar to Treating the Cause, my goal is to make sure I treat you as an entire person, not just the sum of your symptoms or experiences. This is also understanding that there is an integral connection between your mind, body, and spirit that needs to be considered.



One of the best ways to avoid illness is to help you cultivate the healthiest life possible. My goal is to work with you now to become as healthy as you can be in order to prevent futher disease processes, whether acute or chronic, in the future.


Doctor as Teacher

Knowledge about medicine and health should not be kept secret like scriptures of the Middle-Age Catholic church. By empowering you to be responsible for your health and educating you you about your health and wellness, you can make the best decisions for you.

Therapeutic Order

This is the Therapeutic Order that Naturopathic Doctors utilize to guide their treatment. My goal is to start with the lowest interventions to get you on the path toward health and wellness, but as each person is different, you will receive individualized care pertaining to your specific needs.

Naturopathic Medicine Therapeutic Order
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